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Covid-19 Advice

We are now taking bookings for weddings, private parties and Corporate events. After all, everyone needs something to look forward to.

So get in touch to find out our new approach & plans for your late summer BBQs, weddings, private events, Christmas parties.

We remain committed to fulfilling every booking and have re-schedule weddings and corporate parties.

Deliveries are running as normal at this time,  we follow  robust personal hygiene measures during food preparation follow  current guidelines to assist our  teams in dealing with such eventualities.

barbeskews take the simple tradition of charcoal BBQ to a more unique elegent style of cooking using our very own marinates and carfully chosen evenly cooked meat on our custom built Rotisserie and using our very own style of service to remember.


We even can create a barbecue is that main talking point at your event.


The style we serve is your choice

we create our own traditional tasty barbecue or more unique and offer a churrasco style fine dining barbecue to satisfy even the most selective palates. 


We’ve got a wealth of experiance providing our unique BBQ catering & woodfired pizza parties in Kent for weddings,Private parties,Corporate Events  


All Enquires  For events in Kent and surrounding area  about a churrasco or themed barbecue events perhaps woodfired pizza events Please call the team or drop us a line on the contact form, we are happy to help! 

BBQ Events Caterers, authentic stylish BBQ weddings, parties and Corporate  Events in London and Surrounding counties

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