Winter barbecue

Winter barbecue is great way to celebrate christmas & New Year.

offering delicious bbq meat feast and roasted vegetables on beautifully decorated

wooden platters can create that much more relax approach to dinning with your friends than three course plated meals.

Offering real charcoal bbq cooked food for your guest, we can guarantee, your guest never go hungry, as you have plenty to choose from and can enjoy the

great flavours you will expect from cooking on wood fired ovens.

We are at barbeskews we only use our charcoal

machines to create that flavours.

We are one of the first to use Brazilian churrasco for outdoor catering events in the UK and they all charcoal fired not GAS.

From rump of beef to whole chicken and leg of Lamb, we cooked it all !

You can watch our three foot skewers go around absorbing the heat cooking meat evenly and you know you will get that evenly cooked delicious meat for your party.

Veggie lovers you are in treat if we get to feed you all !

Our winter menu includes vegetables you dont think of eating at a winter party. its not just beans or carrots, its pumpkins to red, green, yellow peppers and aubergine

When our skewers go around with all those veggies, you can smell the air full of spices its enough to bring all veggie lovers to the bbq to talk about our great marinates which our chefs always keep close to their heart.

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