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Barbeskews Cocktails

Cocktial bar

barbeskews Cocktail menu

barbeskews very own freshly made delicious Cocktails can serve with all our menus,once you decide the menu you wish to have then we can recommend the cocktails to add to your party flows with the drinks and our experienced & friendly staff attention to details and knowledge ensure your event is truly memorable

Barbeskews Champagne cocktails
French 75
London dry gin,lemon juice and sugar syrup, served with champagne
Atomic Champagne 
Sherry, Vodka, brandy well with cracked ice, pour into a chilled glass with Champagne

Sparkling Tonic
London Dry gin, superfine sugar mix with lemon juice  muddled in a shaker strain into a collins glass top with Champagne  and ice

​barbeskews Classic Cocktails 
Tom Collins
Gin & Lemon juice, sugar syrup mix with Soda

Strawberry Daiquiri
strawberries, sugar, rum, and lime juice, Muddled in a shaker garnished with half a strawberry.

​Havana especial
Pineapple juice mixed with white rum and maraschino served over ice
Lemon vodka and Cointreau with cranberry juice and a hint of lime, served in a martini glass

​Fashionably Late
Lemon juice, apple juice and ginger syrup are shaken with a large measure of Kentucky bourbon, and served over ice

​​barbeskews Bliss
White rum mixed with coconut, banana Liqueur and blue curacao

Aperol spritz
Aperol and prosecco plus a hint of  club soda

Whiskey mix with sweet vermouth & Angostura bitter
Old fashioned
Whiskey & sugar syrup mixed with Angostura bitter served over ice.

please getting touch to discover our full cocktail menus.

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