Wedding Catering Ideas

The Wedding Churassco Menu  Consist of Four Canape of Your Choice, Main Brazilian Churrasco BBQ to include Choice of Three Meat Skewers, Two Vegetable Skewers all cooked on our specialist Brazilian  Rotisserie  churrascaria , Two Salad Options and Garden Leaf Salad Followed By a Choice of Desserts buffet  From The Dessert Menu.



For the tables

Home-made variety of bread, Foccacia,shwi whites,multi-grain, Rye, sourdough with salted butter.

Beef Tournedos on Crostini – Béarnaise sauce


Parma ham with mixed peppers and Fresh Roquette on Feuillete 

Glazed Duck Parfait on Brioche with Seared Fig 


Chicken Stir Fry with Mange tout Tortilla Cup


Smoked Haddock Fishcake – Hollandaise dip


Classic smoked salmon with Cream Cheese, dill & Keta on Rosti 


 Grilled Artichoke with Humous and Chickpea on Herb Crostini 


Quail egg and Salmon Roll with Avruga 


Tortilla Cup of Marinated Baby Prawns with Lime and Ginger 


Fillets of Anchovy with Red Onion and chives on finger Toast 


Roasted Vine Tomato with Pesto and Shallots Salsa on Grilled Zucchini 


Wild mushroom on croûte


Waldorf Salad in Tortilla Cup with Apple and Pecan Nut





Main Items


Mature Rump of Aged Beef Rubbed in Smoked Paprika and Confit Sweet Garlic

Shoulder of lamb marinated with thyme, rosemary & lavender 

Churrasco Chicken skewers with barbeskews  rub- Choose Tandoori, Cajun, creole or Lemon and Thyme


Pork Belly rubbed with Sea salt and Citrus Juice

Lamb Chimes with Minted dressing

Lamb Kofta Kebabs, with Cumin and Fresh Coriander

Croillio Chorizo, a robust meaty, slightly herbed traditional Spanish Sausage


Salmon darn with piri piri & coriander rub

Chermoula Tiger Prawns with a Blend of Parsley, Coriander, preserved Lemon 



Plant-Based Skewers


Green Zucchini and Summer Squash rubbed with Mint and Garlic

Large Field Mushrooms covered with a Spicy Cajun and Thyme Paste

Pumpkin basted with Roasted Cumin and Candied Chilli

Sweet Brazilian Vegetables brushed with Lemon and Thyme infused Olive Oil



Salad & Sides



Orchard Salad, Apple and Pears with Crumbled Stilton with Rocket, mustard and Frissa leaves bound with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Classic Greek Salad dressed in a light Citrus, Garlic and Olive oil dressing


Tomatoes & capsicum, avocados olive oil, lime dressing


Green Chilli Potato Salad muddled with roasted and chopped jalapeños and rich toasted cumin, coriander and lime mayonnaise dressing


North African couscous salad with dried apricots, sultanas, roasted almonds, coriander, cumin and toasted chickpeas 


Classic Caesar Salad with kos lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes and Garlic Croutons tossed in Parmesan and Anchovy dressing


Classic Coleslaw with White Cabbage, Carrot, and Red Onion bound with creamy Mayonnaise



Mini Desserts

Elderflower posset [shot glass]

Praline quenelle with a hazelnut topping & a white chocolate

Riesling Saffron Poached Pear 

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

Dark chocolate & mint mousse
milk chocolate & hazelnut,

coconut & Apricot
Orange Mascarpone Tart

Strawberry Mousse


Full desserts menu


We also can provide several wedding packages to include

Canapes & churrasco Main


Churrasco main  & Dessert buffets


Canapes, Churrasco main and Desserts


Sharing Starters & churrasco main , desserts buffet


Churrasco Main  & evening food options

you can add Evening food to any of the wedding packages above

Evening food Ideas

Wood fired pizza - Authentic Greek Gyros - Kebab stalls -

Lebanese shawarma - burger stall - Taco bar - Hotdog bar - Ploughman buffet-Rottisaerie chicken -Taco Bar