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  Churrasco BBQ -Brazilian Style


Rotisserie Meat skewers


Mature Rump of Aged Beef,  Smoked Paprika & Sticky Sweet Garlic


Picanha – Brazilian Sirloin Cap Salted Fire Roasted


Lamb Kofta Kebabs blended with Cumin, Capsicums & fresh Coriander


Lamb Chimes with Minted Citrus Marinade


Asas de Frango – Chicken Wings marinated with barbeskews spice & seasoning 


smoked Lamb Shoulder & thyme, rosemary & lavender


Chicken With a Rub, a variety of barbeskews marinates available


Pork Belly rubbed in Sea salt & Citrus Juice


Uragiuan Chorizo, a robust meaty, slightly herbed traditional Spanish Sausage

Churrasco Fish skewers

Salmon with citrus & chilli rub


Swordfish  smoked,  lime & sumac


Chermoula Tiger Prawns, a Blend of Parsley, Coriander, Preserved Lemon and Olive Oil


Grilled Halloumi cheese with soft herbs & olive oil 


barbeskews Marinated Portabello Mushrooms


Churrasco  Vegetable Skewers - All guest

Green Zucchini and Summer Squash rubbed with Mint & Garlic

Large Field Mushrooms covered with a Spicy Cajun & Thyme Paste

Pumpkin Chunks basted with Roasted Cumin & Candied Chilli

Sweet Brazilian Vegetables brushed with Lemon & Thyme infused Olive Oil



barbeskews Salads sample menu


Beets roasted with red beans, feta cheese bulgar wheat & mizun

baby Conchiglie, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Roasted Bell Peppers, mozzarella & fresh basil leaves 


Classic Greek Salad,  light Citrus, Garlic & Olive oil dressing


Potato Salad, Asian spices, roasted & chopped jalapeños, toasted cumin, coriander & lime mayonnaise dressing


North African couscous salad, dried apricots, sultanas, coriander, cumin and toasted chickpeas


Classic Caesar Salad with kos lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes & Garlic Croutons tossed in Parmesan & Anchovy dressing


Classic Coleslaw with White Cabbage, Carrot, and Red Onion bound with creamy Mayonnaise               

Also Included

Freshly baked selection of Whole Wheat, White, Rye & Italian Bread

Various condiments and barbeskews sauces as suited to the choice of dishes


All Brazilian Churrasco menu options include the Garden Leaf Salad, Freshly Baked Variety of Bread and a selection of barbeskews sauces and dips. 



​The Brazilian Churrasco bbq menu consists of choice of 3 Main options, 2 vegetable skewer options and 2 Salad Options. You can also create a bespoke menu to suit your needs.


We  also have an authentic Brazilian bbq menu with classic cuts & dishes,  churrasco canapés,



please getting touch to discover the full menus


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