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barbeskews Churrasco Cooking

Brazilian churrasco cooking

 Churrasco Barbecue

Churrasco is a Traditional Brazilian Cooking method using slow cooked Variety of Meat cuts Beef, lamb, Chicken & Pork are Grilled on our Custom build "Churrasqueira" creating an Authentic Brazilian Taste.

Our Churrasco feast is served with a great Choice of Artisan Salads, Succulent Grilled Vegetables. 


Brazilian churrasco means it's all about cooking on a churrasco rotisserie to produce those flavorsome meat

Our Special grill is a rare sight to behold and your guests will be amazed watching all the food slow roasted in front of their eyes!

Churrasco catering satisfies palates and the desire for something original and unique.

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable and delicious entertaining alternative to usual traditional bbq food,

try our unique Churrasco catering.


Barbeskews is the leading BBQ caterer to use 25- spit Brazilian charcoal rotisseries for outdoor events throughout the UK.


barbeskews churrasco catering

Churrasco Catering in London & surrounding counties

What makes Churrasco meats so delicious is very simple.


Barbeskews innovative grill features over 20 gears that rotate each individual sword skewered with meats. This ensures a perfect roasting of all the meats with a crispy outside and a tender juicy centre.


It is slow cooked with no meat directly over the flames and is continuously basted with sea salt and its own juices resulting in tender flavorful meats, roasted slowly to maintain their natural flavours.

How does it work


All your guests see sizzling cuts of meat on a gleaming 25-spit stainless steel rotisserie. After they help themselves to a buffet of barbeskews salads and side dishes, our staff will serve skewers of slow-cooked, delectable fire-roasted beef, pork, and lamb, chicken off the skewers to your plate or serve on a  buffet or we can also create platters of meat & Grilled vegetable to your tables.


Our Churrasco catering offers a unique catering option to delight you and your guests.


Please Download our Churrasco BBQ menu

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