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Street food Feast Menu 

In recent years street food has become a hot topic, people are willing to get a taste of the latest street food and develop a palate for the latest foodie from all over the World.


barbeskews team introducing a new way of celebrating street feast, combining the most popular street food under one roof, then you can enjoy few varieties of tasty food in one day rather than just offering one style of food for your guest.


We can set up anywhere you wish and create our street food stalls to create that unique street food vibe not just a menu you love, its the real deal with wood ovens, also our specialist Brazilian Churrasco & French Rotisserie to create that authentic cooking we all looking for.


Whether you have a small intermit party in your garden with family and friends or a corporate or team building event, location catering for a few hundred guests, our friendly team will arrange everything you require to make your event an unforgettable one.



Tandoori Chicken with nan bread  & Salad

skewers of marinated chicken cooked in a tandoori oven


Rotisserie Chicken 

Slow cooked Whole or half Chicken with various rubs on French Rottisarie fries and various salads 

Brazilian Churrasco Chicken skewers 

Greek Gyros

Variety of meat cooked on an Authentic charcoal gyros machine and served with Authentic greek pitta & fries and a variety of salads.

street food feast
Street food stalls

Burger & Hot dog Bar

100% beef patti with all condiments,Britsh beef sausages or German hot dogs, we can provide all with  freshly made burger and hot dog buns. chips or fries all on offer. 

Taco bar

Taco Bar

Mexican street food & taco bar

Freshly grilled Blue corn or maize tacos filled with, chicken ,beef or pork 

Pico De Gallo Salsa

Variety of Mexican street food with barbeskews twist.

Wood Fired Pizza 

Wood oven pizza in a box

Authentic wood-fired pizza with your chosen toppings, you can create a bespoke menu to suits your requirements.

Wood fired pizza
Churrasco Meat Skewers

Variety of meat cooked on skewers on a Brazilian churrasco Rottisarie served with choice of flatbread or Brazilian rice.

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