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Churrasco Rotisserie table service

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Rotisserie bbq served to the tables on skewers or sharing platters,

This is what we offer for most of our lovely wedding couples.

Sharing food on the table It's a great way to interact with other guest,

serving these skewered delights at the tables will be the main talking point, we always enjoyed.

Delicious meat skewers going around the tables, everyone wanting to try more,

The smell of lovely marinated chicken or roast lamb!! its a unique barbeskews way of bringing the theatre to your special day.

Rotisserie Chicken is on of the big favourites, everyone loves our Chicken, and we get a lot of requests for the recipes.

The Rump of beef also must have in the mix of selection of meat you can have for the guest, so everyone happy.

Some guest are wandering how we serve our vegetable dishes, sometime vegetables are overlooked on the grill, but not with barbeskews grilled vegetable skewers are simply

some guest claims their not a fan of mushrooms until they taste barbeskews portobello mushrooms, marinated in olive oil and spices, served on skewers to the tables

We have expand our vegan/vegetarian menu this year, never forgetting the wedding that we had 26 vegan guest out of 110 last year, it was fun!! had so many plates of vegetarian and vegan went out without any trace of panic, well done to the team that day, we did it.

Finally, barbeskews lovely freshly made selection of Focaccia, Chewy white, and Grained breads with butter that you can start on that until we appear in the room with our delicious meat and salads.

I hope you enjoy the video of our team barbeskews hard at work.

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