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BBQ Caterers  Surrey

Gourmet Events catering for weddings, parties and corporate events in Surrey, Guilford, Epsom.

BBQ Catering Surrey 

Barbecue Events Caterers Surrey


Barbeskews Catering is very at home catering in Surrey, having done many parties and events in and around Surrey Hills, Dorking & Guildford.


barbeskews take the simple tradition of barbecuing to a new level using our very own marinates and carefully chosen evenly cooked meat on our Custom built Brazilian Rotisserie.

If you are looking for freshly made Canapés & stylish wedding banquette with sharing platters with so many slow-cooked meat skewers to wow! your guest, barbeskews can deliver it all.


We are fully equipped to build our own kitchen and deliver anywhere you wish, if you are having a party at home or a corporate party at an office or a venue we will be ready to perform and help you to create your day memorable.


Should you require help and advice about a Corporate event or wedding catering, or private party catering in Surrey,Epsom, Dorking, Guilford please call the team or simply fill in our booking form for a quote, we are happy to help!

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