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BBQ Catering in Hampshire & New Forest

bbq catering Hampshire


Having worked around Hampshire & Wiltshire where all started over 20 years ago our team are fully experienced in providing the best food and service at your events and venues, should it be a garden party at your home to an intermit wedding at a venue or a fun Corporate event at your premises, barbeskews catering can provide that service to remember.

barbeskews take the simple tradition of charcoal barbecue to a more unique elegant style of cooking and also uses our very own carefully designed menus &  service to remember.


We have many years of expertise creating unique and stylish event catering for so many events over the years. 

Whether you have a small intermit party in your garden or at a local venue should you wish to create your own style of event or be a part of a corporate event, team barbeskews ready to deliver.


For All Inquiries For BBQ  Parties and Corporate events and Wood Fire Cookery 



In and  Around Hampshire & Wiltshire Please Drop Us A Line On The Contact Form


Inquiries:  02035751288  


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