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barbeskews Authentic Greek feast is a great way to celebrate fresh Mediterranean Cooking.

 Greek  Barbecue set Menu


Hellenic Menu

Souvlaki Lamb
Succulent Lamb Marinated In Garlic, Sweet Onion Paprika + Greek Oregano

Brizola Pork
Pork Steak Coal Cooked with olive Oil, Red Wine + Garlic

Chicken Gyros
Chicken Marinated with Lemon, Yoghurt, Thyme + Oregano


Grilled Halloumi (V)
Fire Roasted + Herb + Garlic Dressing

Roasted Marinated Eggplant (V) Thyme, Oregano + Garlic



Horiatiki Salad
Ripe tomatoes, Sweet Pepper, Cucumber + Feta + Citrus Olive Oil dressing (V)

Aegean Slaw
Thin Slice Cabbage, Sweet Capsicum, Pink Onion + Herbs + Olive oil Vinaigrette (V)

Served With

Herbed Cucumber + Yoghurt Dip (V)

Egg Plant, Garlic + Parsley Dip (V)

Selection of Greek Pita + Traditional Flat Bread



Served with a choice of fresh baked bread and Lebanese Flatbreads




Selection of Spiced Tomato Relish, and Pesto Mayo, Harissa Dressing, Herb Yoghurt Dressing

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