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Middle Eastern Menu

barbeskews Middle Eastern feast is great way to celebrate fresh Middle Eastern Cooking.

Middle Eastern Set Barbecue Menu



Lamb Kibbeh Charcoal Cooked Skewer Minced Lamb with Cracked Wheat, Onions, Pine Nuts and Fresh Coriander


 Churrasco Cooked Chicken Shawarma Skewer Charcoal Cooked Large Chicken Skewers with a Sumac, Preserved Lemon Marinade


 BBQ Merguez Sausages Meaty and flavoured with Cumin, slightly Spicy traditional Sausage



Vegetable  Charcoal Skewers


Mixed Grilled Peppers with Red Onions with Oregano and Oil


 Sweet Courgettes, Vine Ripe Tomato with Mint Dressing




Classic Tabbouleh,  Bulgar Wheat with Fresh tomatoes, Parsley and Lemon Dressing 


Fattoush, Fresh Cucumbers, Olives and Mint in Yoghurt Dressing


Garden Salad, Classic Leaf Salad with Olive Oil dressing





Served with a choice of fresh baked bread and Lebanese Flatbreads




Selection of Spiced Tomato Relish, and Pesto Mayo, Harissa Dressing, Herb Yoghurt Dressing

We can also provide halal meat & special dietary requirements on request

Middle Eastern buffet
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